Choosing the right new top level domain

Now that there has been a Cambrian explosion in the domain name space, there are lots of alternative top level domains to choose from. In our opinion this is something to be embraced, and while .com is king 👑 for now other domains are becoming important.

The Old Internet

When the web started there were very few domains, and the choice was easy - charities chose .org, companies .com and a few brave souls used their countries domain. Things have changed a lot since then and the choice is no longer so clear cut - companies have chosen domains as varied as .io, .google, .barclays. They still tend to buy a .com at some stage in their life, but here at dainty domains we believe this trend is changing and one day companies will choose a different tld where it makes sense (for example accountants may well find more attractive than

The New Landscape

With the recent explosion in domain names available, people are gradually becoming accustomed to domains becoming pairs of words which make sense, rather than technical identifiers starting and ending with redundant geek-speak like www and .com. One day we expect google to be at or or simple google, not, because the .com is redundant and imparts no useful information.

Pitfalls of new tlds

You'll have to watch out for homonyms (words that sounds the same), tricky spellings and plural versus singular. For example there are photo and photos tlds, which makes it confusing to own one of those unless you own both and redirect from one to the other.

Using www with new gtlds

We recommend not using www with gtlds, because it is redundant and confusing, compared to using the bare domain which often reads as a sentenece - for example the name of this site is, not You should of course always redirect the www to your bare domain, just in case sometime types it in.