Can you make domain names with emoji?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is unfortunately at the moment this is not well supported. At the moment only Safari shows the emoji urls as they are intended. For example if you visit this site:


in Safari you'll see the emoji in the address bar, but in Chrome, Opera or Firefox unfortunately you'll see something altogether less appealing:

Though clicking the emjoi link works, it looks the same as any other link with just the emoji, like this one - πŸ†Β so if your aim is to impress with an emoji link, creating a link with the emoji as the text works just as well, and doesn't leave your visitor on an ugly emojicode url. Which is a shame as we're missing out on awesome domains likeπŸ¦„Β Until this is resolved these domains are far less interesting.

There is another catch - only .to and .ws domains currently support this style of domain. Other tlds may eventually, but for now if you want an emoji domain you'll have to use a .to one. The 😁.to site has listings of premium emoji domains, but at present they're not very premium as they only work in certain browsers. With that thought, we'll leave you with the first emoji domain, created by panic creators of transmit 🚚.la: