Free hosting for your domains

Most providers offer a free trial or referral offers which mean you can host your website for a few months gratis, before you decide whether you like the service and wish to pay for it. You'll also find less reputable free hosting services which will host your website for free in return for putting adverts on it, however it's preferable to get a few months free and then pay a small amount for hosting so that you have full control over your website and what it displays. Below are some of the major players in the website hosting business with their costs per month.

Digital Ocean free hosting

Digital Ocean run a referral program which means that you get $10 free hosting to try out the service. You can get $10 free hosting by clicking on this digital ocean link. They also from time to time offer coupon codes which you can use to get free service on a new account, for example you can enter LOWENDBOX or ALLSSD10 at present for another discount when you sign up. After the trial period costs are from $5 a month for your own server.

Dreamhost free hosting

With dreamhost you can sign up with this link to receive $25 off hosting. They also offer discount codes sometimes at this address. After the trial period hosting is from $10.95 per month.

Godaddy free hosting

You can use these codes to sign up for godaddy with a discount - use the code cjccou399h cjcgnc30 or gdbb805a for 30% off new purchases. After the trial period costs are from $5 a month for your own server.

Linode free hosting

Linode offer a referral scheme but at this time it doesn't offer a cash bonus for the referree, only for the referrer. They do from time to time have coupon codes for free hosting so it's worth checking their twitter feed. After the trial period costs are from $10 a month for your own server.